A system which applies spaced repetition to flashcards 

Learn efficiently, forget nothing and enjoy learning? 

The Cardsystem makes it possible. 

It's like a calendar: each column represents a day. The red compartments are the Sundays, and it's a total of 4 or 9 weeks. The days are burned into the left bar. 


On each day, you repeat your respective stack of A8 flashcards. 


The better you remember a card, the further you push it into the future. 


As a result, tasks that are easy to solve are pushed far back, and you can concentrate more on the more difficult tasks. 


The optimal scenario is to repeat the material just before it would be forgotten. If you repeat the learning material at this point, the memory is trained best. Repetition prevents forgetting and supports the transfer of information from short-term memory to long-term memory. 


To be efficient and avoid chaos when learning hundreds of flashcards, a well-structured system is essential. It helps to make learning more enjoyable and successful. By consistently applying such a system, you can effectively achieve your learning goals and consolidate your knowledge in the long term. It ensures targeted repetition, since more difficult maps are repeated more often, while already mastered maps are repeated at greater intervals. 

Where would you be right now,
if you wouldn’t forget everything after tests?

Perfect gift

For there is more joy in giving, than in taking.