Cardsystem 9 weeks

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It's like a calendar: Every slot represents one day. Sundays in red mark the end of each week. All together, they add up to 4 weeks or 28 days.

The easier a card is remembered
The further it is put into the future and therefore requires less often.

This principle leads to a maximal perfected tool for learning.

In my opinion, the 9 weeks version would be the best option for most students.

Product information

A8 Flash Cards are used for all types of learning materials. Typical for vocabulary, phrases, definitions, data/metrics, charts, question- and answer sentences, outlines, summaries, multiple choice questions, formulas ...

During my studies, I used them for hundreds of physics and chemistry exercises. 


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30 x 20 x 7 cm
12 x 8 x 2,7 inches 


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400x Flash Cards
2x Screws
2x Dowels